Brow Pen Duo


Shade: Blonde-Brunette
Turn heads and raise brows! Transforming barely-there brows into full and fierce arches has NEVER been easier. Ménage À Brow shapes and fills with a flexible precision pen on one side and an innovative three-pronged applicator on the other. Emphasize those arches and draw hair-like lines where you need 'em.
  1. We get it - our brows aren't perfect either! They come in all shapes and sizes, so let's werk what you got.
  2. Begin with the three-pronged side; lightly brush those brows to fill in hair-like lines from the inner eye to the tail end.
  3. Now flip it, and define ‘em with the precision pen to shape and perfect those arches.
  4. Either smudge ‘em, brush ‘em, or leave ‘em, and say hello to your fiercest brows ever.
Ménage À Brow is the first ever brow pen that is both dual-sided and has a three-pronged applicator – that's double the definition with triple the benefit. The precision pen has a flexible angled chisel to take shaping to a whole new level, while the three-pronged end is fully equipped to fill your brow like never before. Bold brows, statement brows, fiercely defined brows – Ménage À Brow does it all - in blonde, brunette, or blackish-brown!
Water/Aqua/Eau, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Polyurethane-35, Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate, Methylpropanediol, Glycerin, Phenoxyyethanol, Butylene Glycol, Tri-C12-13 Alkyl Citrate, Caprylyl Glycol, Panthenol, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Tocopherol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Helianthus Annuus Sunflower Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide. May Contain (+/-): Green 5 (Ci 61570), Red 40 (Ci 16035), Yellow 5 (Ci 19140), Blue 1 (Ci 42090), Black 2 (Ci 77266)

Loved it until....

Amanda Hoksbergen | Gilman, Iowa


I was totally in love with this product after I got it - an answer to my eye brow prayers. BUT - I've only been using it for a month and it just ran out. I don't wear makeup every day - maybe only 2-3 days / week max. I guess I expected something that cost $22 to last a bit longer.


Audra | Biddeford, Maine


I LOVE the fact that this is like a marker!!! I'm not really a makeup person & I used to use eye liner to fill in my brows....but with the Menage A Brow it makes them look so clean & NOT filled in! I like a subtle look & this is sooo easy!!!




i have never done my eyebrows before...BUT THIS MAGIC PEN HAS SAVED MY BROW GAME! it's so easy! i enjoy doing my eyebrows and just making the frame of my face flawless


Barbara Hunter | Memphis, Tennessee


This eyebrow product is the BEST EVER. Believe me I've used every eyebrow product out there. The feathering side of the stick is feathered to mimic the look of real hair. The other side is a filler tip so you can fill in any spots where hair don't grow. This is a must in your makeup bag. Thank you Tyra!

Time & Brow Saver!

Kelly | McKinney, Texas


When I ordered this, I didn't realize it was an ink. I had never tried anything like this, but after working with it a few times, I have it down now and love it!!! It is so easy to use and the dual tips help achieve a natural look. My favorite thing is the fact that it is an ink, because it doesn't pull out my hairs like some of the gel - mascara type wand brow colors I have used in the past. Before the color dries it is simple to correct mishaps with my fingers and it blends away without a trace. Once it dries, the color lasts all day and then some - I don't have to worry about it flaking off or smudging. I am happy with the brunette color as well. My oldest blond daughter got the blond, and it looks wonderful on her to me - at first, she felt it was a little too orange, but when it dried it looked better. My youngest blond daughter has a slightly darker complexion, and it was right on the money for her and looks so natural it is amazing! Thank you!!!!


Michelle | Wausau, Wisconsin


I was SO excited to try it because of triple prong side... but it doesn't work. It's like a watery marker... and very much so looks like one. It's great if your brows are the perfect shape already and you want to fill in what you have... but if you are trying to create a shape or put color where there is no hair (or very little hair) it's horrible. It will color your brow hairs making them darker while leaving a lighter stain? (for the best way to describe it) on your skin where you are trying to create hair. I plucked away a good chunk of my brows in the 90s when thin brows were in... if that's your case it's best to stick with brow pencils.


Lisa Smith | Delray Beach, Florida


I really love this product. I was never an eyebrow person before, and now I am. I am fair-skinned and naturally a dark blonde, and I used the strawberry blonde subtly. It is just enough to enhance, without looking to overdone. :)


Kelsey Parham | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I love that i get compliments EVERY WHERE i go!!! Looks so natrual and so easy to use!!!

Not liking it

Janice | Forest Lake, Minnesota


I ordered the brunette and it is more red then brown. It also is a thin liquid so it made I eyebrows look like my skin was inflamed. Not liking it and can't return since I opened it.


Louri Boilard | Manchester, New Hampshire


This has become a staple product for my daughters and I. We have never used a more professional brow pen than menage-a-brow. Simple, Affordable and AMAZING!


Vanessa Parlin | West Portsmouth, Ohio


I have ALWAYS had spotty and uneven brows. THIS is a BROW GAME CHANGER!! i have always tried to "leave em alone", scared i would just make things worse. When MÉNAGE À BROW came into my life little over a month ago, it did not just CHANGE THE GAME, IT MADE A WHOLE NEW ONE!! This is an innovative MUST HAVE product!!!

On fleek!!

Erin | Minneapolis, Minnesota


I've never had to wax or tweeze my brows... they are so thin. I used to use a combination of eye liner pencil and eye shadow, but it got awkward when it would melt off in the heat or rub off on my hands when I touched them. THIS, though... It's like a stain that only comes off with soap and water (but not JUST water... waterproof yeah!). Love this stuff!


Pamela | Portsmouth, Ohio


PERFECT for your eyebrows!! After a long battle with my eyebrows, it makes them look more defined and it looks so natural! I was sweating working on my yard the other day while having this on, and it stayed on. This is something you HAVE TO GET!!!

WOW for Your Brow!

Chasity | Atlanta, Georgia


The Ménage Brow is an essential you must have in your makeup kit! I love the way that Ménage Brow looks as if you just got them professionally done! It's so simple to use, from beginners to advance makeup artists!

Brows on FLEEK Kweens!

Marjeana | San Jose, California


I am a stickler when it comes to brows! Ask any of my girls! THIS product is my favorite Tyra Beauty MUST HAVE - hands down! The finish is like a stain that stays put through heat and humidity, sweat, EVERYTHING! It is natural looking and adaptable to whatever style of fierce brow you want to rock ladies! Don't question it - ADD THIS TO YOUR CART TODAY!


Crystal | Duluth, Minnesota


I have tried powders, pencils, and creams to fill in my brows...sure they work, but not like this....seriously, Menage A Brow is amazing! I don't do a dramatic brow so the 3 prong side is perfect! It stays on all day and it isn't obviously that I've filled in some empty spots from over plucking. You can do one coat for a lighter look or keep filling in to get it more dramatic.


Linder | Greenville, North Carolina


I've been working on getting my eyebrow game up for a while now. But it always looked off. But with the amazing product, I'm able to define my brows to the nines!!!! This will be all I use for now on!

Perfect Brows!

Davina james | Phoenix, Arizona


This brow pen is genius! My brows grow in patchy and bald, I have always had to pencil them in. The three prong side of this lets me sketch in real looking hair like strokes to perfection. I will always have one on hand so I don't have to go back to pencil again! Brows on Fleek!

Fierce Brows

Kitty Girl | Kingwood, Texas


I love how it sculpted my eyebrows to help make my eyes pop! #3Row #menageabrow


Felisa | Bridgeport, Connecticut


I have been using pencil forever since I over plucked and waxed my brows. This product defines and looks natural. Close up selfies can not even expose the brush strokes. Highly recommend! I will never use pencil ever again!